by IBX92

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This is poetry set to music from the poetry book entitled "Yure" which can be found on (Type in Yure)


released September 17, 2011

IBX92 Produced by Cori "Fader" Jacobs for Masterfader music LLC
Lisa Liu & Adrianna



all rights reserved


MASTERFADER Music Los Angeles, California

Masterfader music is proud to have Sly Stones newest recordings on the site. All other music is produced by Cori "Fader"Jacobs. There is more music coming so browse the different styles of
expereiences we write about.


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Track Name: In The Beginning
In the Beginning

Illuminating sky
Deep murmurs
Villages hidden
Obsequent stream
Descending the escarpment
Cuesta of the oolitic limestones
Frozen glances
Of the Jurassic dip at a high angle
The treacherous surface became dangerous to cross
Snowline glaciations

Rising to the crescent moon
Continental drift capped by the resistant mesa
Ponds, marshes, waterlogged meadows
Drainage is poor and confused
Accumulated heaps, rippling, oozing
Rhythmic pre-historic mud zone

Isolated relics
Old rocks exposed
Sea floor sinking
Receiving a shroud of ice
The continuously rejuvenated mirror
From a source behind the mountains
Streams, lakes and rivers
The river existed before the mountain
Like a giant – marine transgression

Time to grow and accumulate from year to year
Elastic tissue exposed to high oxygen
Hollows shaded from the sun
And sheltered from the wind
The capacity of power to reach low levels
Nucleus concentration, vertebra, brain
Dwindle away by melting and evaporation
Ice is just balanced
Track Name: Bore Me

In the room of the curtain
An adventure is certain
Shadows of dreams are as real as they seem
Suspicious aspects of his story (history)
Continue, continue, continue to bore me
With emotions greater than self control
Why seek vanity and lose my soul
As the silence fell, only time will tell

With the negative battle
The battle now fought
With a rush of new thoughts
Occupy my blank mind
My mistrust of mankind
The last connecting link in the chain
Will prevent me from going insane again and again
With secret passages, windows and doors
My imagination continuously soars

Where the ghetto kings are notoriously lazy
Jerk their strings and they act kinda crazy
But a trick of light or a magic wand
Finds the balance, the key, the bond
With streams still making their way to the sea
Gives me the power to create maybe
Feeding on dreams – as real as they seem
Destination unknown – until I find home

In the room of the curtain
An adventure is certain
Shadows of dreams are as real as they seem
Suspicious aspects of his story (history)
Continue, continue, continue to bore me
Track Name: SECRETS OF LIFE feat. Adriana Magana & Lisa Liu
The Secrets of Life
Written by IBX92, Cori "Fader" Jacobs, Adriana Magana & Lisa Liu

engraved in a sphere of wisdom
spirals descending manifestations of form, sound and shape
Traveling though life's illusionary spheres
Mere images created by the limited human mind
in it's laborious ascent to the stars
and at the highest point of the equator meeting the source of your self

The secrets of life are there
speaks to me
Secrets of life flows through me
The secrets of life are there
speaks to me
Secrets of life

Past, present and future
lifts all at once
enlightened zero
the creation of harmony
never devalued by division
transfiguration to a higher being
and calling on your deepest spiritual potential
latent passion a reconciliation of opposites
symbolizing the force of life

The secrets of life are there
speaks to me
Secrets of life flows through me
The secrets of life are there
speaks to me
Secrets of life (chorus out)
Track Name: Man Agent Of Destruction
Man – the Agent of Destruction

Man the inorganic agent of destruction
Division with self
Creating violence and disruption
The direct effect of a lack of respect
Can’t connect, reflect and disconnect
From the illusion of a systematic way of life
The matrix controlling us with only war and strife
So we’re locked inside a low vibrational prison
Where limitation and inferiority is our only purpose and mission
Our water, food, environment
Filled with chemicals to suppress the mind
So the ability to reach multi-dimensional levels
Is impossible to find
Like the ancient knowledge that’s destroyed or hidden
Because it’s the key to who we are
The mystery of life – and therefore forbidden
And mans imagination of itself is manipulated by control
The fall of man and the planets
Creating nothing but lost souls
Living in open dictatorship
Or democracy masquerading as freedom
Higher dimensional consciousness with pure energy
Is the way we should lead them
To find the true magnitude of who we really are
Existing in this world, but not of it
Whilst shining like a star
Filled with love
Connected to the highest level
Without resistance
Love in its purest sense
Freeing us and permeating all existence
Track Name: YURE

The rich picking up the crumbs of another’s misfortune
Soon the tables will turn and the balance redress
For the future will find the solution
In this wilderness of time
The destiny of everything is everything

Manatees and mermaids drifting on the waves of time
Ships in the moonlight shining kinda fine
The wisdom of the ancient mariner, calling everyone home
From the stormy weather of their false existence
To the dream paradise of reality
In this wilderness of time
The destiny of everything is everything

Imagination drives me wild
To paint a new planet, with galatic form
For the candle to never extinguish
For the young to never old
A place where everyone is equal
And all the life is free (just waiting to be painted...)
A planet of togetherness
Of Unity and Trust
Where wisdom and youth conspire as one
And Love is the ruler of everything

A mariner reunited with the earth, the family, the root
Fishermen of the forest – the rain, the sea - in one
The return of the father
The ancestors breathing once more
Thawing their frozen dreams
In the sunrise of a new paradise
The world undivided
Where countries and boundaries no longer exist
A world complete and whole again
As it was in the beginning, it will be again – in Balance
Because in this wilderness of time
The destiny of everything is everything
Track Name: Hollow of The Clouds
Hollow Clouds

The hollow of the clouds, with rhythm of the waves
Creates no distinction between you and me
Only the oneness of love and unity

Joined in creative fusion together
Delicate vibrations tremor on and on forever
The action and reaction of every cell
Renewed, rejuvenated under this spell

Transforming up to a different height
Where we become One in unison with the light
Our bodies creating the unconscious painting
The ocean is the canvas on which we’re meditating
So nothing else matters from this point of view
Just respect one another – be honest and true

In the section of perfection, delicate and celibate
Keep yourself high and sanctify
Human cry – deep sigh
Infinity – Divinity
Flutter, stutter, quake and shake
Pulsate, vibrate, then sedate
Quiver, shiver, fanatic, ecstatic
I melt when your words are sincerely felt
Lyrical miracle – nothing more to be desired or acquired
The satisfaction of the interaction
Just you and me in complete intimacy
So let’s combine and refine
Spiritual tuition to reach our fruition

Because Unawareness is the mechanical life
Filled with stress, money worries, war and strife
If you chose to allow
Well that’s alright but you’ve still got to wake up
And realise eternity is right now – or quite soon
Because reality’s the mystery in a world of fake history
Where words can’t explain truth or love
Coz they only exists on a higher plane above
But the illusion is that we think we know
About God, religion – it’s the false seed they sow
And that’s the conclusion leading us to confusion and greed
The real lesson is to wake up, listen and take heed
See through yourself and through your reflection
Realise success is just a stupid election
Based on ego, programming and bullshit conditioning
And the real lesson is seeing and listening
Then you can love everyone as you love yourself
With equality and purity
The natural wealth
Track Name: Critique
Written by IBX92

Your writing is good but it's not commercial
The lyrics are complex they're too universal

write about love relationships everyday things
so I can produce your records and make some bling bling

No, I replied I refuse to simplify
You walk by while I continue to fly high

Cause your greed, avarice & commercialism ignorant.
Search for paradise its the real mission.

and these demented lyrics without any meaning
are commercial products on which producers are leaning

Rubish songs with stupid words without any verbs
the whole music industry become so absurd.

Weak diluted music created only to make money
to keep society brain dead it's really not funny.

Because when it all reflect back on yourself
your nothing but a greedy producer making your wealth

Wallowing in abundance your body's full of vibration
Obesity's a big problem in the westernized nation

and the commercialism of music just stupefies the people
it's entirely intentional to keep them remedial

But slowly the message is being revealed
by real artist who can't keep their mouths sealed

And as the Yure crew begin to push through
there's not loads of us but there's still quite a few

writing about reality, History and cutting through lies
so that the corruption in society becomes no big surprise

Political evil devising countries and nations
what's required is some serious compensation

To Africa, Latin America the Aborigine's to
you've made them alcoholic and wasted on the duologue

by taking their land and banning tradition
they're no longer self sufficient and now live without vision

And it's the same through Africa, Latin America to name but a few
the West instigates a war and then says "it's not true"

So instead of listening to lies we must wake up and philosophies
work universally together because it's got to be more wise

and only then can individuality lead to creative design
where everyone has they're chapter in the true book of rhyme

So humanity can slowly begin to heal itself
and politicians and producers can relinquish all their wealth
Track Name: Crystalization

Consciousness evolved into crystallization
Fossilised at the core, we’re only one nation
Where wisdom excels over stupidity
And light penetrates the dark
Illumination of words already spoken
The Covenant of the Ark

Men and women need oneness of authentic love
Faithful, pure, dependable on a higher level above
The spirit of commitment and true sacrifice
Yet with it comes a very special prize

When you lie together, you keep each other warm
Sleeping alone makes your heart feel torn
Sex is more than just a physical act
It has a moral, spiritual and emotional impact
And Lust can never completely satisfy
When Real Love is priceless, not something you can buy

So let your spirit become teachable and find the true path
Ingenious intrusion with no aftermath
And from the produce of the lips
Measure every word
To be born again, but this time
Awake and alert

Consciousness evolved into crystallization
Fossilised at the core, we’re only one nation
Track Name: Out Of Time
Out of Time

Out of time
In life’s book of rhyme
Beyond the sun
Is where we need to run
Where nothing bad
Can lead us astray
93 million miles away

With the luminous light governed by stars
Exists all around us – not far from Mars
The thermometer of purity and subtle light
To measure luminosity and your insight
To silence the loud and disturbing confusion
That you think is reality – it’s only illusion
Because immortality comes to the pure and the wise
So become an angel – remove your disguise

Tame yourself and the action of others
Treat everyone equal like your sisters and brothers
So the zone of roots grows gradually wide
Humanity together, standing side by side
Only then can you see the real proof
When the universe connects with a tongue of truth
So look with your ears, hear with your eyes
Remove the bad lifestyle
Become superwise
Come Full Circle
Let your seed become fertile
Possess the key for the luminous door
Where purity, wisdom, equilibrium restores

Because it’s a world of division
A world full of hatred
One nuclear explosion
And the planet gets fated
We need to wake up and eradiate greed
Join resources together and partake of the weed
Coz society’s stressed – stressed to the max
Everyone working just to pay tax
To pay for the weapons, the bombs and the oil
When all that’s needed is a seed in the soil
The seed of equality, justice and peace
With global awareness – Life is a breeze

And the next generation can forget about violence
No threat of war the streets they are silent
Except for the music, the birds and the laughter
Humans with spirit – live on everafter
From the very beginning – we talked with a drum
This is the vision of the world to come

Out of time
In life’s book of rhyme
Beyond the sun
Is where we need to run
Track Name: INTENT

a strange peace becomes the ruling force in my life
when I become detached seek and talk to foxes
evolution of life-recorded in rocks
A lifetime is too short to interpret the symbols
left behind for some obscure reason
silent and solitary-affection or abandon
so escape beyond thought and sound
sun filled sensuality
spirit expressed through pure colour
with optical effects and new lights blazing vibrating
with the same energy as the birds
And become one with the furthest star
A new synthesis
reality and abstraction harmonised

A strange peace becomes the ruling force in my life
I fear nothing= so i will remember myself
while the snail makes its shell
from within itself
The real creativity of the universe

Retain the impeccable because it is the real freedom
the organism that creates energy
the entire force of the cosmos